All things work together for our Good

Have you ever been given the reason to doubt the afore-stated? Has there been a time in your life when things will not just work the way you have planned or prepared for? Have you ever been struck hard by the unbidden fact that once again you would just have to tag along or accept situations the way they’ve been presented? Then you most likely would grudgingly agree (if you ever do) with the assertion above in respect to Sunday School Pedagogies.

However, whichever, or whatever way you decide to infer from the above; the fact remains that God is no man that he should lie. He is the Alpha and Omega, who knows the end even from the beginning and his ways are not our ways, hence His promises (Is.3:10; Rom.8:28) could very well be a key to our peace of mind if we can really believe and tap into the richness of that promise. The story below gives a vivid illustration:

There was once an old man who had beside his wisdom; a strong son and a horse. One day the horse broke through the fence and ran away. All the neighbours came around and said ‘what bad luck!’ the wise old man replied ‘why do you call it bad luck?’ A few days later, the horse came back with 10 other horses and the neighbours said ‘what good luck!’ and the wise old man responded ‘why do you call it good luck? A few days later, his strong son went to the corral to break one of the new horses, he was thrown and broke his hip. All the neighbours came over and said

‘what bad luck!’ and the wise old man replied ‘why do you call it bad luck?’

About a week later, the evil warlord came through the town and gathered all the strong able bodied young men and took them off to war. The only one he did not take was the boy with the broken hip. All the young men were killed in battle and when the news reached the community, the neighbours rushed to the wise old man and said ‘what good luck!’ and he responded:

‘Luck? No! Its not luck! All things work together for the good of those that serve the Lord.’

You may consider the story as utopic piece of creative prose but look underneath and compare similar situations in your life when things look bleak and gloomy, only for light to appear at the end of the tunnel. If it hadn’t been that for you, you wouldn’t be reading this now!

Always remember that our God is a faithful one who never pays evil for good. He always has sunshine (even rainbows) after the rain in stock for us. Espouse excellent service to God today and look forward to all things working for good in your life. Remember his promise: Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him…(Isaiah 3:10)

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