Historical Trend

The need for medical services in our church dated back to early 70s, precisely 1971 when usually a Nurse or doctor was hurriedly summoned to attend to an ill member within the church auditorium or in the vestry. The practitioners’ assistance was limited by the paucity of medical resources at his disposal. Due to constraints experienced some individual church members started donating drugs and medical equipments to the church for the use of medical personnel called upon to render emergency medical service.
At that time, there was no organized medical programme or service but medical workers became interested and a better organized (though still informal) arrangement was instituted to ensure that at least one medical worker was readily available to render emergency help on Sundays. The arrangement did not work out and the need to reorganize and make a determined effort to provide medical cover for the congregation was therefore evident.
Professor (Dn.) T.A. Tella of blessed memory spearheaded the laudable campaign and his efforts were highly commendable. Major-General (Dr.) M.A.T. Ajao (Rtd) and Dr. (Mrs.) Yetunde Bankole complimented the efforts of the professor and by late 80s and early 90s a highly organized Medical Services Society (MSS) of the Church emerged with Major-General (Dr.) M.A.T Ajao rtd. as the President.
Chief (Dr.) C.B. Fadipe continued the excellent work of his predecessors and today, the Society can boast of about 20 members.
The Church provides financial support to the society, while members contribute voluntarily. The society also gets donations in form of drugs, and equipments from good spirited church members and foreign organizations.
Our founding patrons and matrons are:

1. The church pastor
2. Late professor (Dn.) M.A.T. Ajao
3. Late Dr. (Mrs.) Yetunde Bankole

We also have four ex-officio advisers. The spiritual objective of the society is to fulfill Christ Mission with regards to the healing ministry.
Our Ex-Officio advisers since 2002 are:

1. Dr. (Mrs.) F.G.A Adeniran
2. Mama Abati Simplice
3. Mrs. C.A. Adediran
4. Chief (Dr.) C.B. Fadipe

Past Presidents and Secretaries

1. Major-General (Dr.) M.A.T Ajao – Late Mr. M.O. Ojo
2. Chief (Dr.) C.B. Fadipe – Dr. V.O. Taiwo
3. Dr. V.O Taiwo – Mr. Noah Ola Iyanda
4. Dr. (Mrs.) Titi Adekoje

Current President/Secretary (2013-to date)
1. Professor O.O. Famuyiwa – Mrs. Doyin Aina (Chief Matron)