Brief History

The Royal Ambassadors is a group for young boys between ages 10 to 24. It is under the supervision of the Men’s Missionary Union and set-up majorly to continue the spiritual and socio-cultural nurturing of male children after sunbeam from boys to men. It involves different stages of growth path that includes various trainings, bible study, camping exercises, and culminates in yearly assessments and promotion exams. The Royal Ambassadors holds Annual Royal Ambassadors week, the Sunday of which is used to celebrate performance, promote, and give reports on the activities of the completed year. Every Royal Ambassador is addressed with a prefix of Ambassador before their name and writes exams to earn ranks from Assistant Envoy to Ambassador plenipotentiary, which is indicated with badges or epaulets on the given uniforms as applies. The Royal Ambassadors Motto can be found in II Corinthians 5:20 ‘For we are Ambassadors for Christ’