Historical Trend

The social ministries started as Adult education during the period of Revd. Dr. Joshua A. Adeyemo, Mr. Samuel Oladipo (Alias Prof.) who was the co-ordinator of Adult education classes. Later the prison ministry was added. Mr. Adegoke was handling the Adult education which later became social ministries. Mrs. D.A. Ojo took over the leadership of the Ministry. This was followed by Mr. Ilori. The social ministries took a wider dimension as when Revd. S.A. Fagbemi arrived in the Church. Pastor Dr. Mrs. C.I Akinola took charged of the ministries. Following advice from Yaba Baptist Church.
The First Baptist Church followed the pattern of operation as laid down by the Nigerian Baptist Convention.
There are about 20 divisions in the social ministry department.
Hon. Church Secretary,
Pastor Dr. Mrs. C.I. Akinola
Hon. Church Secretary
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