The Sunday School started with the establishment of the Church because Bible study and the teaching ministry played a very important role in the lives of members and new converts.
The Sunday School is a very important programme of the local Church. It is through the Sunday School that the church is able to reach the members and non-members through regular Bible-study programmes. The Sunday School complements the mission of the church by turning her visions into reality. It is the teaching arm of the church, with the Holy Bible as the main text book, catering for all stages of life, ministering to people from cradle to old age.
The Sunday School Department is a vital part of the church and should receive the support and cooperation of the church and all members.
The Sunday School, if properly organized must meet the spiritual growth of church members, so it must be made to be effective. Indeed, it is one of the important educational organizations of the local church, and it handles biblical revelations.
The Sunday School remains a very useful organ of enlightenment and the best tool of discipleship for any church that is interested in the spiritual growth of its members. For a church to be spiritually progressive, it must give a very sincere support for

All Sunday School Programmes as prepared by the Nigeria Baptist Convention.

During the past 150 years of the First Baptist Church, 24A Broad Street, Lagos, the following members were actively involved in the promotion of Sunday School work and programmes in the church, Late Deacon G.A. Ola of First Baptist Church, Somolu, Late Deacon D.O. Akinrogunde, Late Rev. J.A. Sholeye of Ikoyi bpatist Church, Deacon A.O. Dare, Rev. E.A. Oguntokun, Bro. Odukoya, Mr. Noah Ola Iyanda, Bro. E.A. Ayoade, Mr. C.S. Ajayi, Late Mr. T. Oluokun, Mr. E. Ojo, Mr. Micahel Awolade, Late Papa E. Agbede, Mama C. Folaranmi, Sis. Laitan Soyingbe, Bro. Evans Ogu, Bro. Mike Awolade, Bro. Segun Mamora, Bro. Enahoro David, Sis. Peju Ajekigbe, Sis. Maria Akande (Current Sunday School Superintendent) and many others.