(1) Need a reason greater than reality: It entails having a strong reason and purpose form your aspirations. It may be subdivided into wants and don’t wants. Without a reason or purpose anything in life is hard.

(2) Choose daily, invest in your mind, and invest in your education.

(3) Choose friends carefully: Don’t victimize or look down on friends who are lower to you learn from them as well as people better than you are. Be careful with the advice you take from friends.

(4) Master a formula then learn a new one. Don’t just learn but learn quickly. Because what you know may become old; learn new things as much as possible and whenever possible. Don’t just learn find the courage to practice or carry out or implement what you’ve learnt. It does not matter if it doesn’t look relevant to your present profession, you never know when it might just come handy.

(5) Pay yourself first – Develop personal self discipline. The world pushes around not because other people are bullies but because the individual lacks internal control and discipline. People who lack internal fortitude often become victims of those who have self discipline. Two secrets into paying yourself first:

– Don’t get into large debts
– Let the pressure pile up. Never dig into your savings to pay creditors.

Let the pressure they put on you motivate your financial genius into funding new ways of making money.
Pay your self first. Never engage in the bad habit of dipping into your savings, whatever happens, pay yourself first. Only use your money/savings to create assets. Invest!

(6) Pay your professionals well – One of the essentials and most important management skills is the managing of human resources. Don’t try to shortchange you professionals. It is good to pay your professionals first because if they make money, you make more money.

(7) Be an INDIAN giver: This is the power of getting some thing for nothing (the term is from the ancient Indian practice of giving out blankets to cold white settlers and asking for the return of such blankets later). Don’t just focus on ROI (Returns on Investment) or ‘when will I get my money back’ but what do I get with my money; what do I get for free. It entails what you get or still have after recovering your investment. It may come in the shade of a condominium after the investment sum had been achieved from rentals and leasing. Or investing or moving cash into the stock of a company that is about to move up. Then withdrawing the capital sum after the stocks move up while leaving the excess generated to weather the storm of market fluctuations.

(8) Assets buy luxuries – Never follow the path of “the Jones’” have. Let your asset purchase luxuries. Learn tom pay yourself first. Let that need motivate you into finding new ways of utilizing financial opportunities. Never dip into your savings to purchase luxuries for you.

(9) The need for heroes: Find heroes that have made hard things look easy. Get the feeling of if they can do it I can. Read about those that have succeeded, emulate how they did it. Follow their path because Heroes inspire, they make things look easy so get the feeling of if they can do it, so can I.

(10) Teach and you shall receive. Believe in the rule of reciprocacity. When you need something first give that thing out. Never hesitate to teach what you know because as you teach so distinctions come to you. All you need to be is generous with what you have and the powers will be generous with you because there are powers in this world that are much smarter than we are. You can get there on your own but it’s easier with the powers that can be.

Conclusively, stop doing what you’ve always been doing. Take a break. Assess what you have been doing and their results; what is working and what is not working.
– Look for new ideas.
– Take classes, buy tapes, buy books and search for new and interesting classes.
– Find someone who has/ or is doing what you want to do.
– Take action!!!


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